I’ve finally decided to get my act together to rebrand my website and business cards. Hurrah! I wanted to stick with my old logo because I still really like it, so I just punched up the colours a bit.


Below is my “moodboard” which tries to show where I wanted to go with the branding. Basically, I picked all my favourite colours, textures and patterns, and went from there…



Last year I picked up this sweatshirt in the sales, granted not something I’d be inclined to buy, but I love the slogan… “This is me”. I decided to use these photos because not everyone will like the outfits I put together but I can proudly say “This is me” and I like what I wear.



For my business cards, I wanted to design something that looked like a swing-tag but with a personal touch. So I decided to make a two-part business card, held together with a ribbon. The big card has all my details on the back and on the smaller card I put “SO LOVELY TO MEET YOU” with my website address on the back.

2017-09-08 19.24.21

They do take some work to put together but I can give the big card and the little card out separately if time is an issue.

2017-09-08 18.32.01

And there you have it… I really enjoy designing something a bit different so if you’d like help with your rebrand or business card design, please get in touch!

Thanks a mill,
-Jill x